Sns Nails

SNS nails have been around for a while, but they are becoming even more popular these days because of their positive benefits. What are SNS nails? When you get SNS nails, a manicurist will apply a gel base to your nail and then dip each nail into a powder. After, a sealant is applied to keep it durable, and then each nail is shaped to your desired point. Then, a top coat is applied, in which you can pick out your nail polish or even get some fancy nail art.
SNS nails are popular because they are a healthier alternative to the other nail types. They don’t require the use of a UV lamp to cure, which is healthier for your skin and nails. In addition, these nails are incredibly long-lasting, meaning that you can go a longer period of time before you need to get them redone. If you want to try SNS nails for yourself, come to Jade Nails & Spa!