Shellac Nails

If you want to strengthen your nails, try Shellac nails! Shellac nails are a mix of gel and nail polish that work as a shield to protect your natural nails and prevent chipping. While they can’t add length to your nails, Shellac nails are a great alternative for those with weakened nail beds because they add strength, durability, and beauty. If you want to try out these nails for yourself, come to Jade Nails & Spa!
The manicurists at our nail salon have specialized in doing nails for many years. They are artists when it comes to the nail polish brush and can do lovely nail art that is customized to meet your style and personal preferences. We offer an open and clean salon space to ensure a maximum level of comfort, and we have affordable rates so that you never need to break the bank whenever you want a new set of nails.