At Jade Nails & Spa, we will make you look gorgeous from head to toe! That includes your toenails. Many people tend to neglect their foot care regimen, which results in unsightly flaws in your feet that make you want to hide them! Show your feet with confidence by coming to our nail salon for a pedicure! We offer quality, professional pedicures to make your feet and toes look and feel beautiful.
Our pedicures are geared towards the health of your skin and nails. We use special treatments and products to eliminate dead skin and promote the strength and growth of your nails. Our nail technicians can also add art to your nails with their unique talent. Or, if you simply want a layer of nail polish over the top, just pick a shade and you’re good to go! If you’ve been needing a pedicure, visit our nail salon today for the best foot care treatments!