Long nails make your hands look elegant and graceful, and you can show off your personal style by getting your nails in a variety of colors and designs! At Jade Nails & Spa, nails are our specialty – we offer the best manicures in Boston, MA! Our manicurists have many years of experience in doing nails, so you can trust us to make your nails look incredible every time!
We can do almost any type of nail shape and design that you want. From acrylic nails and gel nails to shellac nails and SNS nails, we can do any type of nail that meets your needs. In addition, we have tons of nail polish colors to choose from! We always ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed while under our care, and we offer affordable prices so that you never have to break the bank to get the nails of your dreams. Want a manicure? Come to our nail salon today!