Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a popular option for when you want to add length and protection to your nails. If you want to lengthen your nails, try acrylics! Acrylic nails are hard, protective false nails that go over your real nails. You can get them in any shape or size, but many people love to get them long and elegant! If you’re looking to get a new set of acrylic nails, come to Jade Nails & Spa!
We are artists when it comes to the nail brush. After we perfectly apply your nails, we can paint on any design you want. We can do designs that match your personal style, and we can even do entirely unique and creative designs that will have people turning heads! We guarantee that you will walk out of our salon looking and feeling beautiful with your new nails. To schedule an appointment, call us today!